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Press Release
Press Release No. 20

The XXI World Congress of Architecture UIA Berlin 2002
‘Resource Architecture’ – The World Congress of Architecture as a Forum for Redefining Architecture – Berlin Architecture in Focus

Entitled ‘Resource Architecture’, the XXI World Congress of Architecture UIA Berlin 2002, will be a forum for redefining architecture. Responding to developments in which architecture has tended to become a means of expression which architects frequently use for presenting their own private whims, the Congress seeks to restore architecture’s strategic position within society. The intellectual resources at the architect’s disposal, the imagination, creativity and innovation, are to be situated in an overall social context with the aim of enhancing the quality of our built environment both here in Germany and throughout the world.
It is against this background of renewed reflection on the issue of resource architecture that the XXI World Congress of Architecture will be approaching its four central themes: ‘The City and Society’, ‘Nature and The Built Environment’, ‘Innovation and Tradition’, and ‘Space and Identity’ from 22nd to 26th July 2002 in Berlin. Prominent architects such as Cynthia Davidson (New York), Sir Norman Foster (London), Shigeru Ban (Tokyo), Hans Kollhoff (Berlin), Dominique Perrault (Paris), Matthias Sauerbruch (Berlin), Martha Schwarz (Cambridge) and Ken Yeang (Ampang), as well as philosophers, sociolo-gists and politicians such as German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, and the executive director of UNEP, Klaus Töpfer, will be attending the World Congress of Architecture to discuss the role of architecture in the 21st century.
From the perspective of architecture, the city of Berlin is a particularly exciting place to hold a World Congress. The more than 10,000 architects expected to attend the Congress from all over the world will be primarily interested in the buildings completed during the past few years: at Potsdamer Platz, at Pariser Platz by Brandenburg Gate, the inner-city dwellings in Friedrich-strasse, and the new housing developments on the waterfront at Rummelsburger Bucht. Other architectural highlights in Berlin include the new embassies in the Tiergarten, the Jewish Museum and the Neue Gemäldegalerie (New Painting Gallery).
Countless Public Events
The World Congress of Architecture is by no means aimed at architects and planners alone, it will be a public event taking place throughout the city. All in all, 18 exhibitions will accompany the Congress in Berlin this summer, over 70 Berlin galleries will be taking up the theme of art and architecture, prominent architects will be presenting their works in public reports, there will be a Film and Architecture Festival, guided walks to Schinkel’s buildings in the city, and a large Architecture Festival on the Museum Island before the Congress finally closes with a party in the Postbahnhof (mail station) at Ostbahnhof railway station on 26 July, 2002.
Further information on the Congress can be found on the homepage: www.uia-berlin2002.com

Berlin, 3 May 2002

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