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Press Release

UIA Berlin 2002 - First World Congress of Architecture in Germany

"Resource Architecture" is the title of the XXI. World Congress of Architecture, which will be held in Berlin from 22nd to 26th July 2002. This Congress is jointly organised by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Association of German Architects BDA. From 19th to 21st July 2002, Pre-Congress Conferences will take place in several German cities. The UIA's XXII. General Assembly with almost 300 delegates from all over the world will be held after the Congress from 27th to 29th July 2002.

In April 2000, the UIA-BDA Coordinating Council met for the first time at the German Centre for Architecture in Berlin, under the chairmanship of Vassilis Sgoutas, the UIA President. The council members agreed on all the major aspects of the overall presentation of the Congress made by Andreas Gottlieb Hempel, the UIA 1st Vice-President. Moreover, the Coordinating Council, which supervises Congress preparations and management, confirmed important structural decisions suggested by the BDA and approved the designation of directing officials:

Andreas Gottlieb Hempel, BDA President Heinrich Pfeffer, and Konstantin Kleffel, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Architects, were appointed deputies to Vassilis Sgoutas. Apart from the other UIA and BDA members, the following representatives of the Federal Government and Berlin are part of the Coordinating Council: Volker Hassemer, Managing Director of Partner für Berlin GmbH; Michael Krautzberger, Undersecretary of State and Head of Department, Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing; and Hans Stimmann, Director of the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Planning.

Andreas Gottlieb Hempel was appointed President of the Congress; he also presides over UIA Berlin 2002 e.V., a registered association founded by the BDA to manage the organisation of the Congress. His deputy is BDA Vice-President Sven Silcher, Hamburg.

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Matthias Sauerbruch, a BDA architect and professor at the Technical University of Berlin, was appointed Speaker of the Congress and Chairman of the Scientific Committee. This Committee is in charge of the drafting of the Congress reports and responsible for important thematic decisions. It is made up of five members from the different regions of the UIA and five German reporters. Reinhart Wustlich, an architect, urban planner and journalist based in Bonn, will act as Secretary of the Committee.

In close cooperation with the Organising Committee and Carl Steckeweh, the Secretary General of the Congress, DER-CONGRESS GmbH in Berlin will be in charge of Congress and Travel Management.

Published in July 2000, the "First Announcement" highlights the major objectives and the programme of the Congress and is available at the Organising Committee.

In November 2000, the BDA will organise an open workshop for ideas and projects, during which proposals and ideas concerning Congress events will be presented and discussed.

The Organising Committee will launch its "Call for Papers" in November 2000, together with the publication of the "Second Announcement". The main target of this Call is to win candidates and ideas for the thematic orientation of the Congress Forums.

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