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Press Release
"Resource Architecture"

In a two day meeting the Scientific Committee agreed upon the content guidelines of the congress.

Resource Architecture is the title under which the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) and the Association of German Architects (BDA) are organising the XXI. World Congress of Architecture in Berlin, July 22nd-26th 2002.

In their meeting on the 17th and 18th of February 2001 the Scientific Committee agreed upon the content guidelines of the congress. The international committee, made up of architects, urban planners, landscape architects and engineers from South America, Southern and Northern Europe, East Asia, North Africa and Germany, is responsible for preparing the content of the congress and producing the congress report. The outcome of the meeting of the 17th and 18th of February will be published worldwide in the Second Announcement together with a Call for Contributions.

Who defines architecture? Who defines city? Who defines landscape? Addressing these questions, Dr. Reinhart Wustlich, secretary of the committee, summarised the issues to be discussed under Resource Architecture.The congress will be dedicated to the search for new definitions of the meaning of architecture in the face of technological, economic and social change.

The committee specified a range of current issues which will be addressed by examining concrete examples of practise and different disciplines against varied cultural, economic and social backdrops.The common starting points can be divided into four levels: Urban Society, Innovation and ,The Built and the Natural, Space and Identity.

Illustrating prospects, visions and alternatives is one of the central themes of the congress, which will also concentrate on the areas of the environmental economy, the culture of urbanisation and our view of the history of constructed space. The congress aims not only to change the course of planning and building processes in terms of modern environmental policy and sustainable development, but to improve the perception and acceptance of architecture in the public arena. Crucial to this are the different profiles of the architects profession and the tensions caused by its increasingly interdisciplinary nature, as well as the issue of forward-thinking professional training.

The Second Announcement of the thematic guidelines and the Call for Contributions to finalise the congress material will be published worldwide. The congress forum and project workshops will be compiled from these contributions. The programme of the congress will be published in October 2001.

Further information can be found on our homepage: http://www.uia-berlin2002.com

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