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Press Release

UIA Berlin 2002 Resource Architecture
XXI. World Congress of Architecture from 22-26 July 2002

Workshop for Ideas and Projects launches an open dialogue to prepare the themes for the World Congress of Architecture

"Resource Architecture" is the title of the XXI. World Congress of Architecture, which will be held in Berlin from 22nd to 26th July 2002. This Congress is jointly organised by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Association of German Architects BDA. The Workshop for Ideas and Projects on 28 November 2000 launched a dialogue with the general public to discuss the themes of this Congress.

At the invitation of the BDA and UIA Berlin 2002 e.V., more than 120 participants from the fields of architecture, town planning, technical engineering, art, sociology and economy as well as journalists met for an open dialogue. Interdisciplinary work groups led by well-known moderators discussed different approaches to the Congress' central idea of "Resource Architecture" and worked out thematic ideas on how to shape the Congress. The planned network for Congress preparations has thus been expanded to include numerous groups, associations, committees and individuals. Based on the Workshop's results, the organisers invite all interested parties for further debates on their homepage (www.uia-berlin2002.com).

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The Workshop for Ideas and Projects was preceded by the constituent session of the Scientific Committee for the XXI. World Congress of Architecture on 27 November 2000. Matthias Sauerbruch, a BDA architect and professor at the Technical University of Berlin, is the chairman of this international committee, which unites colleagues from Brazil, Greece, Finland, Singapore, Tunisia and Germany. It is responsible for the thematic preparation of the Congress and will develop the Congress Report. The Second Announcement and the Call for Papers, which is to specify the Congress Programme, will appear in February 2001. The Organising Committee under the chairmanship of Andreas Gottlieb Hempel, President of the Congress, in cooperation with the Scientific Committee will designate participants of the Congress Forums and Workshops from entries for this Call for Papers and previously determined speakers. The provisional Congress Programme will be published in October 2001.

For further information on the aims, themes and time schedule of the Congress, please check our homepage at www.uia-berlin2002.com.

Berlin, 5 December 2000
sgd. Carl Steckeweh

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