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Press Release No. 11

UIA Berlin 2002
‚Resource Architecture‘

The Scientific Committee agrees at its third meeting on the structural organisation and thematic content of the Main Congress. The preliminary congress programme will be published in October 2001.

Resource Architecture is the title of the XXI World Congress of Architecture to be staged by the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) und the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) from 22 to 26 July 2002 in Berlin. At its third meeting from 20 to 22 July 2001, the Scientific Committee headed by its Secretary, Dr. Reinhart Wustlich, agreed on the structural organisation and subject matter of the Main Congress.
The committee, which is composed of architects, town planners, landscape architects and engineers from South America, Southern and Northern Europe, East Asia and North Africa, is responsible for preparing the subject matter of the congress and for drawing up the congress report. The outcome of the meeting held from 20 to 22 July 2001 forms the basis for the congress programme, which will appear in October 2001.
Helping to determine the conditions under which people live, work and play constitutes a major challenge for architects and town and landscape planners. Central to their activities is a capacity to project the future in the form of architecture and urban and rural spaces, while taking into account the material and cultural connotations. Is not the case that this conceptual capacity and a desire to address the unknown are crucial to the future of architecture? This is the issue the Scientific Committee is addressing in its ongoing discussions in the run-up to the XXI World Congress of Architecture.
Resource Architecture, the underlying theme of the congress, is designed to stimulate an interdisciplinary debate on fundamental issues and to highlight the role to be played by the profession. It will contribute to the elaboration of a world environmental policy and place the principles governing the development of architecture and town and landscape planning in the context of that policy. The World Congress will attempt to provide a graphic, comprehensible description of the common foundations for the existence of the world’s population and, in so doing, to give vivid expression to the abstract data furnished by politicians, economists and natural scientists.
At the committee’s February meeting, general agreement was reached on four subthemes: Urban Societies, Innovation and Tradition, The Built and the Natural, and Space and Identity. In the meantime, due account has been given to the differing cultural, economic and social conditions and the subject matter has been fleshed out. These sub-themes will be the focus of interdisciplinary plenary sessions during the morning sessions of the congress. The forums to be held in the afternoon will allow for detailed discussion of the range of subjects touched on in the morning, while the project workshops will provide an opportunity for participants to investigate innovative architectural projects that are either already completed or still on the drawing board.

More information about the congress is available under www.uia-berlin2002.com.

Berlin, 3 August 2001

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