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Dialogues between civilisations
The complexity of necessary action will be dealt with in the plenary sessions. Internationally recognised keynote speakers from politics, science, business, culture and architecture will present results, solutions and perspectives in an interdisciplinary overview. Different global developments form the foundation for new models in architecture, as well as in urban development and environmental planning.

Tue 23 July 2002, 10:00 - 11:15

Opening Plenum:
Official Opening of the Congress


Andreas G. Hempel, Berlin
Congress President and 1st Vice President UIA
Karin Schubert, Berlin
Mayor Berlin
Peter Conradi, Berlin
President German Chamber of Architects


Architecture is of Public Interest
Vassilis Sgoutas, Athen/Paris
President UIA

Gerhard Schröder
Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Resource Architecture – The Report of the Scientific Committee of the Congress
Karl Ganser, Breitenthal
Spokesman Scientific Committee

Tue 23 July 2002, 11:30 - 13.00 h

Plenum 1:
Urban Societies


Karl Ganser, Breitenthal
Spokesman Scientific Committee
Kaspar Kraemer, Berlin
President Association of German Architects
Donald Hackl, Chicago
Treasurer UIA


Challenges of Sustainable Unbanization
Daniel ,Biau, Nairobi
Deputy Executive Director, UNCHS - Habitat

Growth and Over-population. The Risks Facing World Civilisations
Tay Kheng Soon, Singapore
Architect and Urban Planner

Located Architecture
Peter Eisenman, New York

Kaspar Kraemer, Cologne
President Association of German Architects

Wed 24 July 2002, 10:00 - 12:30

Plenum 2:
The Built and the Natural


Franz Alt, Baden-Baden
Journalist und Publicist
Taouik El Euch, Tunis
2nd Vice President UIA
Joaquim Guedes, São Paulo
Member Scientific Committee


Modernists and Tradition. Resource Efficiency
Thomas Herzog, Munich

Viable Works of Architecture for the Future
Minja Yang, Tokyo
Sociologist, UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Jorge Liernur, Buenos Aires
Martha Schwartz, Cambridge
Landscape architect
Abalos & Herreros, Madrid

Innovation and Technology. The Art of Feasibility
Jörg Schlaich, Stuttgart

Thu 25 July 2002, 10:00 - 12:30

Plenum 3:
Innovation and Tradition


Heinrich Wefing, San Francisco
Architectural Critic, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper
Yannis M. Michail, Athen
Member Scientific Committee
Alejandro Sokoloff Moreno, Bogotà
Vice President UIA


Planning and Building between Intentions and Reality
The Architect and Engineer
Frei Otto, Leonberg
Peter Noé, Essen
Member of the board of Hochtief AG

City 2030. Networks and Processes
Peter Niehaus, Munich
Siemens Real Estate

The Innovation of Innovations: Works of Architecture 2030
Richard Kroeker, Halifax
Mathias Klotz, Santiago de Chile
Christoph Ingenhoven, Düsseldorf

The Architecture of the City
Silvia Arango, Bogota
Architectural Critic und Art Historian
Jean-Louis Cohen, Paris
Director, Institut Français d’Architecture
Hans Kollhoff, Berlin

Fri 26 July 2002, 10:00 - 12:30

Plenum 4:
Space and Identity


Joseph Hanimann, Paris
Journalist, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper
Gunnel Adlercreutz, Helsinki
Member Scientific Committee
Hishram Albakri, Kuala Lumpur
Vice President UIA


Innovation and Tradition in World Cultural Systems
Ugur Tanyeli, Istanbul
Architectural historian

Architecture as a World Medium of Perspectives for the Future
Meinhard von Gerkan, Hamburg

Architecture – a Medium Offering Cultural Guidance?
Gabor Bojár, Budapest
CEO Graphisoft AG
Hou Hanru, Paris
Exhibition curator
Åse Kleveland, Stockholm
Swedish Film Institute
Julian Nida Rümelin, Berlin
Federal Gouvernment for Culture and Media Affairs

The Ecological Design: Responsibility of the Architect
Ken Yeang, Ampang


Fri 26 July 2002, 14:30 - 16:00

Final Plenum:
Perspektives and Visions


Andreas G. Hempel, Berlin
Congress President and 1st Vice President UIA
Alexandru Beldimann, Bukarest
Vice President UIA
Jean Claude Riguet, Paris
Secretary-general UIA


Building Culture: Taking Orientation from New Values
Kurt Bodewig, Berlin
Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Housing

Resource Architecture. Perspectives and Future Scenarios
Klaus Töpfer, Nairobi
Executive Director UNEP

Resource Architecture. Perspectives and Positions from the Point of International Associations of Planung Professions
Milica Bajic Brkovic, Belgrad
Secretary-general IsoCaRP
Don Grant, Melbourne
Henry Ssentoogo, Kampala
Past President AUA
Arno S. Schmid, Leonberg
Past President IFLA
Sara Topelson de Grinberg, Mexiko City
Past President UIA
Irene Wiese-von Ofen, Essen/Den Haag
President IFHP

UIA Berlin 2002. Balance and Prospects
Karl Ganser, Breitenthal
Spokesman Scientific Committee
Kaspar Kraemer, Cologne
President BDA

XXII UIA World Congress. The Invitation to Istanbul 2005
Dogan Kuban, Ankara
Congress President Istanbul 2005

Vassilis Sgoutas, Athen/Paris
President UIA

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