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Llamamiento a la contribución
Call for Contributions closed - Organisers thank all participants

The organisers of UIA Berlin 2002 received close to 700 entries to the
international call for contributions. The choice of the 111 speakers was
fininished in April, and all minor changes of themes and titles had finally
been done at the end of May. About 400 contributors, including the speakers,
had been asked to send a poster with their subject to the Organising Office,
who received close to 300 posters at the end, which will be exhibited in the
ICC Main Foyer during the congress.

The organisers would like to thank everybody involved and invite all
contributors to join the congress in July. Up to now we have registered
3.000 participants from 84 countries including 200 journalists from all over
the world. See you soon!

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Llamamiento a la contribución
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